St. Luke's Church, Queen's Park, Brighton

Music Team

Chris Whitley-Jones


Chris was born in Brighton and educated at Hurstpierpoint College where he studied the organ

with Christopher Moore. He obtained an Economics Degree at Cardiff University during which time he

was organist of two local churches. On returning to Brighton he became organist and choirmaster at

St Luke's, Queens Park where he has remained for

the past 32 years.

Michael Millyard


Michael was born in Mid-Wales and educated at

Lancing and Oxford (where he appointed himself  

"Deputy to the College Organ Scholar"). He pursued

a career in teaching, first in Shrewsbury and then at Hurstpierpoint College where he was Junior School Organist. Retiring to Brighton, he took the post of

Senior Crematorium Organist and joined the music

team at St Luke's.

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