St. Luke's Church, Queen's Park, Brighton

Bevington Spec copy

Bevington Organ

Some time after the consecration of the church in 1885 the organ was installed by Henry Bevington & Sons of Soho, London and the organ has been maintained in almost original form to the present day and is one of the finest examples of this excellent builder’s work.


The organ was fully restored and cleaned in 1992 and at that time 2 final stops were added (the Great Twelfth and the Pedal Octave) which had been allowed for in the original specification, but which until that time, had been incomplete. Apart from these 2 final stops, the organ has remained exactly as built by Henry Bevington in 1885 and therefore retains its original tracker (or mechanical) action.


With increasing frequency we hear of churches who have allowed their organs to reach such a state of disrepair that the cost of restoring them is prohibitive. The Friends of St Luke’s Music was set up in 1983 to raise funds to provide for future maintenance and renovation costs of this wonderful instrument.

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